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No one can deny that this past year has been tough. However there have been positives and one of them is the new found appreciation we have of our loved ones and the support that has been shown to each other throughout our communities.


This collection by Amanda Coleman embraces the positives that are to be found in such trying times.

This pretty bracelet features two hands, placed together to form a heart serving as a reminder of all the love in the world which manifests itself in the little acts of kindness and support we see on a daily basis, if we look hard enough.


  • Solid 22ct Gold plated silver
  • Handmade with love in Amanda Coleman's workshop in Lincoln, UK
  • Beautifully detailed
  • Made from an original silver model hand crafted by Amanda
  • The bracelet length is 18cm as standard 
  • The hands detail measure 15x12mm
  • Beautiful 'Amanda Coleman' branded gift box
  • Perfectly sized to wear all the time


Each delicate little piece is hand crafted using high grade sterling silver and/or 22ct gold. Handmade in her workshop in Lincoln, UK, Amanda’s attention to the most intricate detail draws the eye to appreciate her beautiful and inspirational jewelled stories.


A graduate of the Royal College of Art Amanda’s fascination with bugs and  flowers was sparked by her becoming a mother and seeing the world through the eyes of her children and their curious world of fairytales, mystery and magic.