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Debbie Jedwab 

©Debora Jedwab


Debbie was born in London and brought up in Southgate North London. 

She has worked as a Senior Lecturer at Middlesex University teaching Product Design, Creative Technology and Business Innovation for the last 22 years and also freelanced for many years as a Product Designer for design-led giftware companies such as Rosenthal, Ritzenhoff, Dunoon and Acme Studios as an expert surface pattern designer. 

Since 2017, Debbie gradually transitioned to textiles after an inspiring year’s sabbatical at Morley College.  For her, the ideas and, critically, the process - were leading factors and she was led by her intuition, never being afraid to try new materials in the pursuit of the best interpretation for her ideas. She is equally conversant in print,

lino-cutting, painting, constructed textiles and of course, drawing.  

The above pieces from Debbie's legacy series ‘I Don’t Give a Quack!’ was inspired by the macro photography of duck feathers. Debbie found beauty in the detail. These beautiful hoop artworks arose from her comb drawings of the layers of plumage she observed through her macro-lens. Each pattern was screen-printed by hand onto Lycra and by stretching it into the hoops, it magnified the smallest details into an art form that works as highly original wall art.

All work shown here ©Debora Jedwab


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