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 Sarah Adams

Create Art
Colouring Book at Agha

We are really delighted to be working with artist Sarah Adams, and to show you
her newly published Create Art Colouring Book, now on sale at our shop.

Sarah created this beautiful book during lockdown. She has always painted and drawn, and recognised the need for a more grown up interpretation of a colouring book for adults, and a fresher approach to making this enjoyable and creative. 


Each page has been hand drawn by Sarah, sketched and inked in, with no digital enhancement or computer aided imagery. The result is a truly authentic and unique colouring experience for the user.


Unlike other books that tend to use thinner paper and print on both sides, she has used premium quality cartridge paper,  allowing for the use of a multitude of media, be it ink, paint, felt tip pen, crayon or pencil.  The pages are gummed into the binding, and can be removed to be framed, or left in the book to create a beautiful portfolio of coloured illustrations.


The theme of flowers and foliage came from Sarah making use of her garden as much as she could during lockdown. You’ll see in the book there are pages that depict her garden through the year – Spring garden, Summer garden and Midsummer garden 





Sarah's professional art practice took off in 2013 with her first solo exhibition. She paints scenes of London, and has exhibited at the Royal Academy Summer Exhibition, the ING Discerning Eye, and the Royal Cambrian Academy amongst other well known venues. She draws inspiration from London her home city. Her work features iconic cityscapes painted in her distinctive style. She used a limited colour palette anchored with white, to transform the hustle and bustle of the busy metropolis into calming, serene landscapes with an almost dream-like quality. Sarah's trademark use of thick, creamy, buttery brush marks give her work a slightly abstract but familiar feel. Up close, you can see her expressive mark making, but stand back and her painting comes to life. 

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