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Katrina Campbell


Katrina is a portrait photographer living in Grange Park with her husband and three sons.  As a photographer  she is inspired by people’s stories so when she works with a family she aims to capture what it is that makes them them, both in their look and style, but also their personality, be that active and energetic or quiet and thoughtful.  Of course many families will give her the whole range of emotions as the shoot unfolds. She keeps it natural and relaxed, so that there are no forced poses.

She also works with small creative businesses where a personal story is often at the heart of the brand, and that can be equally fun to help them work out how the visual imagery can help bring their business to life. 


During the 2020 lockdown Katrina was driven to create something different.  When lockdown was announced, work vanished overnight, everyone retreated indoors but she was amazed by the surge in connections within the local community, and she guessed it was just plain curiosity that lead her to start capturing people during that time. 


Over a matter of months  she photographed over 100 households on their doorsteps and was struck by how open and candid they were about their feelings. The project was shared on social media as lockdown went on and it gathered a character all of its own.

As it turned out, many people wrote to her to say how inspired they were by how others were coping, or heartened by the fact that this was a shared experience.


The book was published in December 2020 and its contents tell of the resilience of that very first lockdown.


As Katrina says, 'we’ve all moved on of course. But I do think it’s important to remember.' 


Her book is currently on sale at Agha Home priced at £14.95


To find out more about Katrina's work and to inquire about a potential photo shoot visit 







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