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Artists and Makers Competition

Celebrating and Supporting Creativity.

Our three winners' have been showing a wonderful range of imaginative graphic, conceptual and abstract pieces. 

The show at our shop in Winchmore Hill, North London ran from 20 Aug - 20 Sept  2022

with great curiosity and interest from our local community and followers on instagram.

 The aim of the show is to highlight the work of creative artists and to make available 

affordable original art with profits going back to the artists!

To purchase any of the art pieces 

contact the relevant artist directly.  See their details below...

Artists Winners 2022

Johnny Joannou 

Johnny Joannou is a north London - based artist with a love for numbers and good design. He produces neatly-structured art prints to depict sports, movies, music and literature.  


He enjoys researching, categorising and arranging key metrics relating to each subject and then using an appropriate structure and colour palette to communicate the history of the subject. Each art piece is finished as a beautiful Giclee print on heavy weight Hahnemühle fine art paper.


His work has featured in many publications including Sports Illustrated, the Guardian newspaper and a FA Cup Final programme. Last year, his boxing print was included as set dressing in a BAFTA nominated film. 


Twitter: @onasixpence



Made by Jx

Made By J x

J is a part-time abstract artist, making beautiful things alongside her working life.

During the pandemic, J, unfortunately, suffered multiple miscarriages which like all, was extremely hard emotionally to handle. She tried various hobbies to keep herself busy, this includes drawing and photography. She eventually found and fell in love with abstract art - she loves the intensity of the colours and the beautiful effects that can be created.


J decided to share her story and art with the world to raise more awareness of miscarriage and fertility issues. Any profits made from the sale of her work will be donated to the Miscarriage Association. 



Instagram: @Madebyjx


Etsy Shop:

Boran Erem

Boran Erem is an award-winning multidisciplinary graphic designer, art director and artist. He lives in London. His last 15 years have been filled with numerous projects ranging from branding, identity design and digital media to advertising.


His current aspiration is to explore new opportunities in multidisciplinary fields where he can use his experience as well as his artistic interpretation to deliver impressive illustration and  good print design.



According to Boran, his illustration works are an escape from daily life.  He is inspired by realist artists like Edward Hopper, whose paintings influence Boran Erem’s illustrations like one of his works titled “The Swimming Pool at Night”.  


Instagram: @boranerem

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