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Artists & Makers Competition 2020

The Winners 

Kate O'Leary

Joe Poulli

Gideon Hurwitz


Celebrating and Supporting Creativity

Over the years, here at Agha Home we have been supporting artists and makers who have shown skill, craftsmanship and originality.  


Our winners' work was presented at our shop in Winchmore Hill, North London on 

25 Aug - 29 Sept 2020.

 This was a roaring success with all profits returned to the artists!


Find out more and to enquire about commissioning a new piece see each artist/maker below...

The 2020 Artists

Kate O’Leary

Kate is an art graduate from North London. Her practice seeks to find beauty in the mundane; from a hug to the contents of my fridge. Her ‘Love in Lockdown’ paintings started out as small sketches  posted to family and friends at a time when a good cuddle was the only thing they really wanted and these developed into a vibrant series of prints and paintings. 

Insta: @kolearyart 

Joe Poulli

Joe is a Ceramic Artist based in North London. He specializes in stoneware clay  as it ensures durability. All these products have been thrown on the wheel, and then altered if needed afterwards. The particular glaze selected has small rocks containing different materials which melt and crystallize when fired in the kiln, the results can only be known when the kiln has been opened. Due to the nature of the glaze these will always be unique pieces as two will never be the same.

Insta @jp_the_potter

Gideon Hurwitz

Gideon was born in1991, Peru.   

He is a contemporary visual artist who draws  inspiration from street art and traditional oil techniques.


His work focuses on natural forces, emotion and modern political mood.


Emotional in form, “Inferno” expresses the violent yet beautiful power of destruction. Inspired by the increasing frequency of catastrophic disasters in the world and the end of the old world, “Inferno” aims to explore the mercurial nature of modern times.


“Melt” is a playful piece celebrating the joys and the heat of summer. Painted on the hottest day of the year, the bright sprays embraced the effects of “blistering” and “running” to produce an authentic product of excessive heat.

Insta: @gh_art_n_stuff

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