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Artists & Makers Competition 2021

The Winners 

Rosalind Freeborn

Terry Alan Powell

Yolanda Chappell


Celebrating and Supporting Creativity.

We were thrilled to present our winners' collections of paper collage, textile and water colour

at our shop in Winchmore Hill, North London from Sept 3 - 29 2021


Each winner created work that was both imaginative and skilfully made.

 Affordable original art with profits back to the artists!

Find out more and to enquire about commissioning a new piece see each artist/maker below...

Artists & Makers

Rosalind Freeborn

Rosalind is a collage artist with a passion for paper.  She has always been an artist but went to art school as a grown up (City & Guilds of London Art School).  She wanted to develop her skills and specialise in portraiture in oils.  Although she concentrate on portraits she found herself drawn to paper, a medium she always loved but never felt confident enough to use.  Her tutors were supportive; ‘if paper is your language’, they said, ‘then you must learn to speak with it.’


Having left art school she created many paper collage works. Rosalind had a solo exhibition at the Chambers Gallery in Barbican. Her work was made into greetings cards sold at John Lewis. She also created a series of portraits of shopkeepers in her neighbourhood of Muswell Hill and persuaded the estate agents, Tatlers, to let her exhibit ‘A Broadway Show’ in their space.  


She went on to set up 

and take commissions for portraits in paper.

Insta: @rosalind_freeborn

Terry Alan Powell

Terry Alan Powell is a north London resident and former costume designer for television and film who first turned his hand to water colour in the initial lockdown of March 2020.  


Having never painted before, he is self-taught and inspired by his beloved garden, its natural habitat and the wildlife that surrounds him.


His early work was carefully crafted to cheer up his neighbours, friends and next of kin and this is his first retail showing.


All work is bespoke, painted using Winsor + Newton, A4 in size and framed in a classic white frame with straight lines measuring 30x40cm and with a PH neutral mount.



Instagram: terrys__art___

Yolanda Chappell 

Although Yolanda studied Fine Art and specialised in painting at university, she discovered a love for weaving almost six years ago and has been on her weaving journey ever since.


Self taught after attending a

4 hour workshop in Camden, purchasing some books and a wooden loom. The process, although challenging at times, is constantly evolving and very meditative, as she often refers to it as 'my happy place’.


Learning different techniques and working with a variety of yarns is a big part of her self development. She very rarely plans out her weaves,  unless working on a commission.

She usually only choose colours before starting. Much of the pleasure and joy she experiences from weaving is in this free and instinctive way of working.  


Inspired by so many things from art, vintage textiles, interiors, architecture and  nature, Yolanda particularly appreciates creating shapes and textures whilst having fun with colour.

She plans  to keep exploring and growing, in scale as well as skill set.


 She has run weaving workshops in Forty Hall and the Dugdale Center and is currently living in Winchmore Hill, teaching children art and Yoga in the local borough. 


All three pieces below are a mix of inspiration.  Yolanda is inspired by the shapes and zen like calmness of Ansel Adams landscape photography and the textured curves and vivid colours of David Hockney's landscapes. 

'There can be success in surrender whilst also learning to adapt through experimentation. Whilst making these pieces, I mostly let the moment guide me.' Yolanda Chappell


Insta: @yogartlondon

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