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Kathryn Chapman

Kathryn Chapman

Creative photographer

We are thrilled to present a collection of wonderful photographic work by

Kathryn Chapman.  


Her ground-breaking process is authentic and beautiful.

The above gallery shows a small selection, 

of which, the first three images are exclusively available for viewing at Agha.  

Printed on board mounted brushed aluminium. 

30cm x 42cm

Limited edition of 6, each one is signed and numbered.

Order directly from our shop or Kathryn.

Kathryn is a portrait photographer and photographic healer, fascinated in self-perception and how images of ourselves can unlock emotions and offer incredible insight into who we are. 

She believes that photography is a valuable tool to help us bear witness to ourselves and is a deeply rich aid to mental wellbeing, helping us to understand what it means to be human - vulnerable, complex, creative, beautifully flawed,

perfectly unfinished and astonishingly brave.

To be safely seen, heard, validated and accepted by others is vital in life, but to be safely seen, heard, validated and accepted by ourselves is life-changing - this is the premise of Kathryn’s work, devised from her own
life-long journey with depression and anxiety.

Through her innovative processes (Face to Face®️ and Freedom Shoots), Kathryn uses photography to help improve the mental health of her clients by holding up a mirror to their strength, courage, bravery and beauty. She challenges self-belief and offers a different perspective, promoting self-compassion, acceptance, love and healing.

“Even during the hardest of our human experiences, beauty can be found. Like a stone standing steadfast through the storms, we have no idea how brave we are til someone reflects that back.”

Kathryn is also highly experienced in family photography and headshots.


For all enquiries, email

@facetofacephotos and @kathrynchapmanphotography (facebook)

@kathrynchapmanphotography (insta and linkedin)


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