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Maria Koripas Aghababaie  Co-Director

Photo: Kathryn Chapman
Our Story

Hassan Aghababaie  Co-Director

Photo: Maria Koripas Aghababaie

We are artists and makers with a background in fine art,

sculpture, interior architectural design and theatre.   

Inspired by our work in these fields we were excited by the idea of

bringing creativity to the home and so Agha was born 15 years ago.

We launched our gallery/shop to present our own furniture designs

with 3D printed lighting, wall art, followed by homeware and gifts.

 Today we are still excited and continue to be informed by our artistic practice and are committed to sharing our passion

for art and design by bringing together carefully sourced and thought through collections of fine homeware and gifts with the design factor

being key for each and every item.   We work mainly  with family run businesses, people who we know, and companies that support their

    artisans and pay them fairly, and crucially those who share our

focus on sustainability and care for our planet.   

Proud to be Finalists of the National 'In Store Creativity' Award 2021, 

we continue our long tradition in 

championing the work of emerging and established artists; developing collaborations to support them along their journey.

Our annual Artists and Makers event and new Artist in Residence Programme have fast become key highlights of the year!


We also take great pride in delivering  services from

helping our customers find that unusual gift

presented with our free signature gift wrap*,

to creating artful centre pieces,

bespoke furniture, and ultimately,

realising small to full-scale interior design projects,

drawing on our extensive experience in the field.


Visit us in glorious

Winchmore Hill, North London, where we are mindful to give

you space and time to enjoy a hassle-free, calm and

inspirational experience. 

*Free gift wrap is available for each item £15 and over, up to shoe box size.

Sale/reduced items not included in this service.




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